Reflections on this past year @rebew_lindsey

For my final blog post, I want to take a minute to reflect upon this past year.  It is surreal to me that we are almost through our first year doctoral coursework; it is also slightly unnerving as I still feel like I lack direction (but let’s not dwell on that for now)!  By the end of this month, most of us will have completed 21 credit hours worth of course work.  If that’s not insane enough, I know I am still in awe by it, it is also rigorous work.  We all have day jobs, families, and other major commitments but we managed to complete a little under half of the coursework within 9 months time.  So kuddos to everyone for making it through this year (mostly…we’re almost there); and more importantly I want to thank everyone for helping me through this process.  My experience through my master’s degree and this program have really made me appreciate my choice to choose AU with regard to continuing my education!  I look forward to the stressful, fun-times ahead of us!!

Cheers everyone, to a successful year! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflections on this past year @rebew_lindsey”

  1. Agreed Lindsey! I’m amazed at how fast it has gone by and how much we have learned and grown as researchers. I am grateful for everyone in these two cohorts who provide support, knowledge, challenge and fun!



  2. I third this viewpoint–a good time to pause and reflect Lindsey! You are not alone in your concern about a lack of clarity for the path forward, but we will get there! I also want to thank all of you for help, advice, and general support throughout the process. Special thanks should also go to the AU faculty—-I am amazed how available and supportive they are given the large size overall of the Ed.D. program and the small number of faculty we are spread across.

    -David (@SaraGFunk4)


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